About Me


My name is Kushan. I'm a professional Gymnast and a Coach. I've been training  from 14+ years now and have a vast experience in performing and teaching advance level skill. 

I hold a British gymnastics certificate in coaching and have worked with various gymnastics club across UK. During 10+ years of coaching, I've trained national level gymnast, pro traceur, dancers (only power moves) and stunt performers. I've been a trainer and consultant for some of the India's got talent and Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega performers as well. 

My Journey

I started gymnastics at the age of 17 with my younger brother. We started quite late but because of our flexible and active body we covered the basics quite quickly under the direction of our coach Mr Ashok Saini. After few years of training I started to earning a name for myself.

I got my very first gold (Yes, no silver no bronze) on floor in Haryana state games defeating current state champion and national medalist. I was a state floor champion for two consecutive years. I also learn to coach in my native club in which my coach helped me a lot. 2009 was the year when I participated in my first Sr. Nationals in which I came 9th on floor.

After that I moved to Wales,UK to pursue my degree in animation from University of wales. Along with that, I started working on my gymnastics coaching qualification in a Gymnastics club. In 2011, I moved to London and join another gymnastics club named "Avondale Gymnastics". In the same year I become a certified Level-1 Gymnastics coach from British Gymnastics.

Along with coaching and training, I also worked with various animation and design studios as a freelance artist. I was a asst. Coach for two years under two Russian High performance coach. I worked with squad as well as Recreational gymnast from age group of 4-16 yr. People know me for providing dramatic improvement in skills, performance and execution. I’m proficient in creating drills for basic and advance level skills. Gymnast trained by me have become state and national level gold medallist I also specializing in training plans focus on body weight strength training and flexibility.

  • Represent Faridabad and Haryana in various state and national competitions and won number of times. 
  • Did a demonstration of gymnastics skills in various live events, gala, competition and shows.
  • Have a record of performing international level advance skills first time ever in India.
  • Known for performing skills with high execution and control.
  • 10+ years of experience in coaching for Gymnastics, Parkour, Free running and Power moves for dance.
  • Hold a coaching certificate from British Gymnastics.
  • Proficient in creating drill training for basic and advance level skills and perfecting them.
  • Known for providing dramatic improvement in skills, performance and execution.
  • Worked as an Assistant Coach with various clubs in UK
  • Coached state and national level gold medallist gymnast.
  • Specific training plans focus on body weight training and flexibility.


“I have known Kushan for 2 years. During this time, He has shown an advanced knowledge of gymnastics, has been extremely reliable and is capable of working with a variety of age groups children (5-16years). Not only did he prove Himself as an excellent coach, but also had the self-motivation and determination to train Himself as a gymnast.”

Andrey Pozdnyakov

High Performance Coach - Avondale (British Gymnastics)

“Kushan worked hard to achieve his coaching qualifications and is an excellent coach. He learns quickly and is adaptable. He had a tremendous rapport with the children and is a kind, gentle and understanding person. His empathy towards others is second to none.”

Mary Marshall

Head Coach-Avondale Gymnastics

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